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Israel deporting hundreds of foreign worker's children

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Foreign workers residing in Israel are continiously struggling for the right of their kids who are born in Israel for a long time.

After a hundreds of ralleys, campaigns and numbers of demonstrations and thousands of requests finally the cabinet ministers decided to give the legal status for 800 kids along with their parents.

But the clever Israeli government made very strict rules to get it. The critearias that a foreign worker's child should meet are as follows:

1) They should be good hebrew speaker.
2)They should have studied at least a complete year in the Israeli state school system.
3)They should be enlisted for the upcoming school session in grade one or above.
4)They should be five years or more and if they are not born in Israel they should have entered to Israel before the age of 13.
5) The parents of the children should have entered Israel on a valid visa.I\

Israel's new government is always bahaving rude to foreign workers and willing to deport the kids who are born in Israel, which is against the international laws and human right.

The kid who born in Israel, who speaks hebrew as thier mother tongue, studied in Israeli schools and they even dont know anything about Their parent's homeland, where should they go? There are very high numbers of children they are below the of five years or they simply can't meet the required criterias ruled by the government mentioned above.

Though 800 kids and their parents are supposed to get the citizenship by this new rule but the struggle to get the right to be legal in their birthland will continue....
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