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by Loraine (WilloRain)

Two words that come together
When you speak of someone dear.
It is that special person
If you call, they're always near.

You'll see that in a 'CareGiver'
Love comes from in their Heart.
With loving hands and guidance
They help each new day start.

Caring for the fragile soul,
Giving day to day.
They meet the needs of loved one's
Spreading love along the way.

A gentle touch, a helping hand,
A glow that makes you smile.
Always near to comfort
And go that extra mile.

They want no fame or glory,
And it puts their mind at ease,
To know they've helped a loved one
Deal with Alzheimer's disease.

So show a little kindness
To CareGivers across this land.
You may be the one someday
Who needs a helping hand.

With Peace and Understanding,
Throughout the ends of time.
There's someone who will care for you
And make your Spirit shine...

The CareGiver...
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