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Sarah Netanyahu and the Migrant Worker

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Bhumika Ghimire

Israeli Prime Minister’s wife,Sarah Netanyahu, is accused of mistreating Nepali migrant worker hired to take care of her ailing father.

Jerusalem Post has the story here.
The accusation is serious and I hope that it is investigated to the fullest and truth comes out. Migrant workers deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. If this accusation is proven to be true, it will be a shame- a worker abused in the Prime Minister’s home? What kind of labor laws and protection does Israel have?
It is also important to note that Mrs. Netanyahu is not exactly loved by the Israeli media. Here are some examples:

In 2010, she was accused of wrongfully terminating an elderly gardener.
She was also sued by a former housekeeper last year.

Going by these stories and other reports on her, it is easy to judge Sarah Netanyahu as a troublesome employer, a mean person. But the overly negative tone of coverage, even when the accusation against Mrs. Netanyahu has not been proven, is troubling. How can a reader expect balanced coverage and fair representation when the press seems so vindictive?

I just hope that when Nepali media gets this story, they will look at the whole picture and not rush to judgement.

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